Croatian in Translation presents English translations of Croatian literature, primarily poetry. All texts are translated by students of English and/or comparative literature at the University of Zagreb, and proofread by native English speakers, students of Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian at the University of Washington in Seattle. The website is intended to serve both: the former to develop their skills in translating the type of texts not covered by their university curricula, and the latter to get familiarized with contemporary Croatian literature, which gets translated little and rarely, and is therefore usually accessible only in Croatian. The website could also be useful to anyone else interested in Croatian literature, or translation in general.

The website is the result of a project Dunja Bahtijarević started as an Open Society Institute’s Undergraduate Exchange Program fellow. Since the project addressed the issue of young Croatian writers who are often underrepresented in the Croatian literary scene, and consequently get translated rarely, it is precisely the youngest writers that the current edition of the website presents. The selection of writers and texts is, however, not definite – we will be adding more as we go, possibly including also contemporary writers of other generations, as well as writers from other periods. 

The editor would like to thank everyone taking part in the project.

Project Manager and Editor: Dunja Bahtijarević
Translators: Dunja Bahtijarević, Dora Dobrica, Doris Dresto, Domagoj Duron, Marta Kolega
Proofreaders: Gail Mahrenholz, Kristen Le Mieux
Design: Miran Križanić, mirankrizanic.wordpress.com
Audio: Igor Kuštreba
Webmaster: Mario Lončarić, www.unpljugged.com